Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Swaziland issues a new green 10 Emalangeni banknote


The Central bank of Swaziland began issuing a green 10 Emalangeni banknote on July 24, 2017 to reduce confusion between the current blue 10 Emalangeni note and South Africa's blue 100 Rand note which also circulates in Swaziland.

Other than the color change and addition of the text VISION 2022 (a reference to social programs designed to transform Swaziland into a First World nation by that year) on the front right edge and on the back left edge, the note is identical in design to the previous issues.


Because the current 200 Emalangeni note is also green, that denomination will be redesigned to avoid confusion with this new note. The 100 Emalangeni is also expected to be redesigned for unspecified reasons. These larger denominations are scheduled for introduction on January 1, 2018.

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