Sunday, July 2, 2017

Rare 200 Year old 100 Pound Derby Bank note discovered



The remarkable black and white £100 bank note, uncovered in a Derby home, is rare because of its high value.

It is dated March 4, 1814, the time of the Napoleonic Wars, and in today's money it would have been worth around £3,500. Although slightly indistinct, it is signed by John Bramley and a stag in the park insignia can be seen in the top left corner.

Derby had some exceptionally successful privately-owned banks in the 19th century, which survived and prospered when many faltered. The Derby Bank was founded in 1806 and flourished for nearly a century until 1902 when it merged with the Union of London and Smiths Banks Ltd.

In 1917, it became the National and Provincial and Union Bank of England Limited, which then became the National Provincial Bank in 1924 before merging to become the National Westminster Bank in 1968, ultimately going on to be known as the NatWest in 1980.

Despite some wear round the edges and minor discolouration, it is in relatively good condition, and considering the Derby Bank was founded in 1806, this bank note was created just eight years after its inception.

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