Saturday, April 2, 2016

Colombia starts issuing new series of banknotes


Colombia has issued the first note in the new series, the 100,000 Pesos, on March 31, 2016. The note features Former President Carlos Lleras Restrepo in the front. The back shows Valle del Cocora and "Palma de cera", the national tree of Colombia.

The schedule for the remaining of the new series are as follows:

2nd quarter of 2016
20,000 pesos - Former president Alfonso López Michelsen, with canales de La Mojana, and a "sombrero vueltiao" which is a traditional hat on the back

3rd quarter of 2016
50,000 pesos - Writer Gabriel García Márquez, with "Ciudad Perdida" on the back

4th quarter of 2016
2,000 pesos - Painter Débora Arango, with Caño Cristales River on the back
5,000 pesos - Poet José Asunción Silva, with a view of the "páramos colombianos," an eco-system on the back
10,000 pesos - Antropoligist Virginia Gutiérrez, with the Amazonian forest on the back

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