Sunday, January 31, 2016

Philippines to issue new 100 Piso bills with stronger violet color

Old piso bill (top) and new (bottom)

Following complaints that the 100 Piso and 1,000 Piso bills seem to look alike, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) will release on Monday 1 February 2016 100 Piso banknotes with a stronger violet color.

In a statement, BSP said the issuance of new 100 Piso banknotes was "in response to suggestions from the public to make it easier to distinguish from the 1000 Piso banknote".

"Compared with the current color of the 100 Piso banknote in circulation, the new 100 Piso banknote will have stronger violet color on the obverse and reverse sides", BSP said, even as all other features of the 100 Piso bill will stay the same.

BSP said it will henceforth print only the new 100 Piso banknotes with stronger color, but the public can still use and businesses must continue to accept the New Generation Currency 100 Piso bills with fainter color.

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