Monday, December 14, 2015

Hungary issues new 20,000 Forint banknotes


The National Bank of Hungary has released a new 20,000 forint banknote. The new note features a revised color scheme, a slight design change, and additional security features, i.e., OVI ornament, electrotype watermark, and UV printing.

The 20,000 Forint, face value about $72.00, is the largest denomination Hungarian banknote. It features the portrait of legendary 19th-century statesman Ferenc Deák (1803-1876) who is remembered in Hungary as the "Wise Man of the Nation" due to his major political role in the creation of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in 1867. The first 20,000 forint banknote was issued in 1999, and the design had changed only once before when Omron rings were added as security feature in 2008.

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