Thursday, October 15, 2015

How to spot genuine and fake Australia $50 notes?

This week a clutch of high-quality fake $50 notes were passed over the counter at a Sydney hotel and they were so good that it took an experienced bar manager to spot them.

Eleven of the notes were passed over the hotel's bar in one night and were only identified at the end of the night.

On holding the note up to the light, the manager noticed the red stripes at the bottom of the note differed slightly to a real $50 note.

The sophisticated fakes passed all the basic tests recommended by the RBA for spotting counterfeit currency except one - they didn't work in poker machines.

One of the notes below is a FAKE. Can you tell which one?


The fake $50 note handed over at a Sydney hotel this week that raised he suspicions of a sharp-eyed bar manager who noticed the red stripes at the bottom of the note were slightly different.

The genuine $50 note featuring indigenous author David Unaipon has raised numbers in the plastic window, a seven point star in a circle and a coat of arms, but has slightly different red stripes to the fake.


The side of the fake $50 featuring Australia's first female parliamentarian Edith Cowan looks remarkably like the real thing and is in fact even brighter in color than a genuine note.

The genuine note felt softer than the fake note. The RBA says real notes should feel like plastic and be impossible to scrunch into a ball

The Reserve Bank of Australia says the points to watch for if you think a bank notes has been counterfeited are the feel of the note and numerous visual markers in the design.

Well, if you still can't figure it out, the top one is a fake.

Courtesy Daily Mail Australia

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