Monday, October 19, 2015

Artist replaces "irrelevant" historic figures on Australian banknotes with modern icons

An Australian art director has given the country's currency a makeover featuring iconic and recognizable public figures.

Aaron Tyler redesigned bank notes from five dollars up to $100 featuring household names such as Dame Edna, Ned Kelly, Steve Irwin, Shane Warne and Kylie Minogue.

Corey Worthington, Karl Stefanovic and comedian Chopper Reid sit beside Victoria Bitters cans and meat pies, with Mr Tyler arguing these icons should feature on the Australian currency which is in dire need of a "facelift".

A new form of currency could hit Australian shores, if it was up to Aussie based art director Aaron Tyler. Figures such as Dame Edna next to meat pies (pictured) are some of the bank notes featured

Mr Tyler, has been inspired by these iconic Australian images, and used his talents to slap them onto colourful bank notes from five dollars up to $100

Mr Tyler argued that his Australiana currency could be the future for Australian money, which is in dire need of a ‘facelift’ and showing well known characters such as Ned Kelly (pictured)

Mr Tyler said: ‘I redesigned Australia’s banknotes, featuring instantly recognisable personalities and culture icons that present-day Australians love.’ Kylie Minogue and a barbecue are among these images (pictured)

In pictures posted to Mr Tyler’s blog, which is featured on his personal website, a spectacular collection of the brightly coloured money can be seen with several other iconic Australian images

Kath and Kim, thongs, snakes and an Akubra can be seen plastered all over the $20 note in a colourful homage to the land down under (pictured)

Lara bingle (pictured) can also be seen among the Aussie icons, with graffiti'd trains can also be seen

Shane Warne, Cathy Freeman, Southern Cross tattoo, and Shrimps on the Barbee were also among the designs made by Mr Tyler (pictured)

Legends such as Steve Irwin (pictured) were given the honour of the $100 note

While a glaring Alf Stewart is collaged with the CFA, Diggers, a Meter Maid, and Lamingtons to finish off the hilarious collection of cash (pictured)

Courtesy Daily Mail News

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