Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Romantic message on banknote reunites lost lovers

Scrawled on a €20 note in the hope of reuniting with a lost love by someone called Megan, the message rapidly went viral yesterday

They say money can't buy love - but it can certainly help track it down.

A lovelorn message penned by a young Irish woman on a €20 note in the hope of reuniting with a lost love rapidly went viral yesterday, prompting an internet search for the mysterious man in question.

The note penned in blue ink reads: “Christy, it’s always been you! Come and find me - Megan x”.

Meath woman Denise O’Reilly was stunned to find the €20 when she opened her purse on Sunday morning, reports the Irish Mirror.

Romantic Denise, who works at Supervalu, Kells, immediately posted a photo of the money in the hope of reuniting the two lost loves.

She wrote on Facebook: “Found this in my purse this morning! Ah Christy, she loves you! Go get your girl. Come on people and share.”

The post has been shared over 15,000 times - and amazingly, seems to have reached the man Megan was so desperate to find.

A young, Dublin-based musician named Christy posted on the supermarket worker’s page, saying, “hey, just quick update: I’ve been in touch with Megan and its all good.

"Thanks so much for posting.”

We bet €20 this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship...

Courtesy Mirror, 28 August 2015

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