Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Great Wall of Cash

The great wall of cash: Chinese farmer builds new villa featuring huge banknotes in walls so that his ex-wife knows what she’s missing out on

Zhao Mashui was abandoned with their children by wife 20 years ago

Homeowner spent more than £3,000 on the decorative wall art

Each stone carving took specialist two days to carefully create

Now plans to have hundreds of banknotes etched on his property

Expensive taste: Zhao has decorated the wall with bank notes to show his estranged wife what she is missing

A Chinese farmer had banknotes engraved into the side of his home to show his estranged wife what she is missing.

Zhao Mashui, 53, paid for giant carvings of currencies to show the mother of his children, who reportedly left him 20 years ago, that he had been a success without her.

He paid for enlarged versions of the two, five, 50 and 100 Renmenbi notes, 1000 Hong Kong dollars and an American 100-dollar-bill to be carved on a 20-metre wall, according the People's Daily Online.

Mr Zhao said he had to act as both mother and father to his four daughters and one son after she left.

‘I just don’t want my wife to look down upon me. I am able to build a new house and support my family well,’ he said, in an interview with Quanzhou Evening News.

The father-of-five came up with the idea when he decided to renovate the wall last June.

Only one wall has banknotes at the moment but Mr Zhao plans to put them on all four walls before long.

‘If you come this time next year, you’ll see hundreds of banknotes on the wall by then,’ added Zhao.

Cashing in: Zhao Mashui paid for enlarged versions of the two, five, 50 and 100 Renmenbi notes, on his home

Flush: The dad-of-five wanted to show ex-wife how well he was doing after she left him and the children 20 years ago

Mega bucks: Stonemasons spent two days on each intricate carving including this $100 bill

With their intricate pattern and realistic colour, each note took specialists two days to complete, costing more than thirty thousand yuan (£3100) so far.

His house in Jinjingfu village in Quanzhou City, Fujian province, has now become popular with locals who want to visit the wall of cash.

Courtesy Kate Pickles and Olivia Chan, Daily Mail, 29 April 2015

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