Monday, March 2, 2015

Canadian Star Trek fans have been giving banknotes a ‘Spock’ makeover in tribute to Leonard Nimoy

The Canadian five-dollar bill looks very different with the addition of Mr Spock

Could the tributes to Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy possibly get any more imaginative than they have already? Well, yes, it appears they just did.

This time around it’s the turn of Canadian Trekkies to honour the memory of the actor – who died last Friday aged 83 – by ‘Spocking’ their local five-dollar bills.

Which basically involves doing things like this:

Oh Canada. (Picture: Spocking Fives/Facebook)

Not to mention this:

Awesome. (Picture: Spocking Fives/Facebook)

Oh and let’s not forget about this:

Nice. (Picture: Spocking Fives/Facebook)

Although this may actually be our favourite:

Looking regal. (Picture: Spocking Fives/Facebook)

Although the trend has become popular in the days following the actor’s death, the act of ‘Spocking’ a Canadian fiver is by no means new – with The Facebook page Spocking Fives originally making the craze popular in 2011.

However there are also reports of people having given their own Spock makeover to the bills even before then (the act of defacing currency is not illegal in Canada although the national bank isn’t that keen on it apparently)

This time around the Canadian Design Resource also seems to have had a hand in the tribute, posting this tweet soon after Nimoy’s death was announced:

Oh, and in case you’re wondering the person currently being given pointy ears and a Vulcan salute on the five-dollar bill is actually former Canadian prime minister Sir Wilfried Laurier, who was in office from 1896-1911.

As tributes go, we’re sure Nimoy would approve.

Meanwhile we suspect he would also give the thumbs-up – or a Vulcan salute of approval – to this Etch-A-Sketch tribute from artist George Vlosich:

Now this is truly amazing. (Picture: Rex Features)

The Cleveland-based artist – who works in the Etch-A-Sketch medium – said of the drawing: ‘My work usually takes 100 hours but wanted to pay tribute with a quick rendering I did of Leonard Nimoy as Mr Spock.’

Good work….

Article courtesy Caroline Westbrook, Metro, Monday 2 March 2015

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