Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cape Verde introduces a new series of banknotes




The Bank of Cape Verde issues new 200 and 1000 Escudos banknotes on December 23, 2014. On the same day the bank also launched a new 2000 Escudos banknote. The new series honors Cape Verdean figures in the fields of literature, music, and politics. The 200-escudo note is printed on polymer, whereas the other denominations are on paper.

The 200 escudos note features the doctor and Cape Verdean writer Henrique Teixeira de Sousa, as well as his native island, Fogo.

The 1000 escudos note features the composer and Cape Verdean musician, Gregório Vaz "code di Dona" and also exalt the music genre funaná.

The 2000 escudos note features the singer Cesaria Evora and Morna music genre.

In January 2015, one of the founders of the literary movement "Clarity", Jorge Barbosa and his island, Santiago will be honored with the note of 500 escudos. The first president of the Republic of Cape Verde, Aristides Maria Pereira, who as well as his native island, Boa Vista, will be honored with the 5000 escudos note.

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