Saturday, October 11, 2014

What banknotes would look like if kids designed them

Norges Bank held a competition to design their new banknote. It received loads of submissions and then whittled them down.

Participants had to communicate a theme of "The Sea" in their designs, with the Norwegian bank finally deciding that this is how the new notes will look.

The bank is now working further on motifs and designs to enable security elements intended for the public and machine-readable security elements to be designed and incorporated into the notes.

While there were many impressive entrants to the competition, one attempt in particular stood out.

Aslak Gurholt Rønsen put together a series of fetching designs, and then passed the notes on to children to design the obverse. The results are wonferful (and a little hilarious). Click on the gallery below to see Aslak's design, followed by a child's attempt.

Our favourite is definitely the 500 krone note.

Courtesy Sinead Moore, Aol, October 11. 2014

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