Monday, September 29, 2014

Rare £1,000 banknote is expected to sell for £20k!

A rare £1,000 banknote is expected to sell for 20 times its face value!

The high value note was issued in 1935, when it could buy you two average-sized homes and was worth five times the average salary. We wouldn't fancy walking around with that in our back pocket!

But everything higher than a £5 note was pulled out of circulation after a Nazi plot to flood wartime Britain with forged money was discovered.

The planned plot would put £130m of fake currency into the economy, so the banks acted quickly to pull notes higher than £5 out of circulation.

Those notes taken out of circulation were destroyed - but 63 of the £1,000 notes were unaccounted for and it's thought that at least 20 still exist somewhere.

Although £1,000 would now be worth around £30,000 in this economy, it is expected that the note will fetch around £20,000 at auction.

We still wouldn't mind having that!

Courtesy Chanel O'Etienne, Reveal, Sep 29 2014

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