Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nicaragua 200 Cordoba Polymer Note Discovery

Issued note

Paul Neumann
April 16, 2014

At the local flea/collector’s market last Friday, I was offered the following nine polymer partly printed Nicaragua 200 Polymer notes. It is impossible to tell whether they are the 2009 original issues or the 2012 reprints. I have to add that this market is located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and the vendor was not a local. I was told that these notes were salvaged from a waste paper treating facility. I know that in the past, quite a large number of currency notes including high denominations were found in these places – there are several in Indonesia. Due to generally very low unskilled wages, many people here are drawn to sift through paper and other waste in order to source items of value.

It seems that, at first glance, the notes look similar; there are differences in the amount of times these items have been through the printing procedure. These are made using the Guardian method as mentioned on the Innovia Security website. Most of the security features appear to be absent except that some but not all notes possess “shadow images” or “iridescent features”(I don’t know how to tell them apart).

This is the only example that I have without the signature of the president of BCN.

The back of the note is completely blank. The only one like this of the lot.

Here are the other images:

Many images printed on back. Note is one of two where the print includes the margin with plate number.

Other side again showing plate number.

As top example but far less details printed.

Similar to previous. Other side has far less printing.

More examples:

Cut as per normal note

Cut as per normal note

Raised features with “200” and flower like symbol above signature


Several of these were contained in the lot. Appears correctly cut.

Another type with more items printed. The most complete printed note of the lot lacking the security features plus serial numbers etc.