Monday, November 4, 2013

Angry Spaniards using Banknotes to Send Messages to Bankers and Politicians

Fed up Spaniards are using a new and creative way to express their anger against bankers and politicians who they hold responsible for the current economic crisis: they are defacing euro banknotes with criticism.

Such small acts of graffiti are finding their way through pockets and cash registers as well as across social networks. Despite ‘putting their mouths where their money is’ the protesters can still use the money as legal tender.

One user wonders if his message written on a five-euro banknote will reach the Banco Santander’s President, Emilio Botin.

“Politicians and bankers are a disgrace for the Nation” says another five-euro bill.

Another message bears a request that someone “go back to the past and ensure [Spanish Prime Minister Mariano] Rajoy’s parents never meet each other”.

The 50-euro bill reads: “As I know that certainly this banknote will end in your hands I take the occasion to leave you a private message” which is, invariably, an insulting one.

“This banknote is black money, please don’t make it circulate”.

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