Monday, July 23, 2012

An Artist Creates Portraits from Shredded Banknotes

By Emma Clark
PUBLISHED: 08:19 EST, 21 July 2012 | UPDATED: 10:48 EST, 21 July 2012

An artist has put bags of old shredded money to an unusual use – by making portraits of politicians and celebrities out of them.

Evan Wondolowski used thousands of paper strips from shredded U.S. Federal Reserve notes to make a stand against greed with his new collection of images.

The ‘currency collage’ includes four portraits of President Barack Obama, rapper Biggie Smalls, political.

Mr Wondolowski painstakingly glued thousands of strips of real US currency to each canvas with a news print background, according to

He then finishes with vine charcoal to increase contrast to add to the amazing detail.

He said he bought shredded from eBay, to create the money-made portraits, which each take up to a month create.

Obama’s portrait is a different from the rest of the collection, and instead of cash it’s made out of United States Lincoln head pennies.

The artist and illustrator, who also the Creative Director and Co-Owner of Mozaiks, an artist-based clothing company, often depicts greed and politics in his images.

It is not clear what his inspiration was for choosing his subjects, but his images come amidst the continuing global economic crisis and after weeks of banking scandals.

Benjamin Franklin was one of the subjects whose portrait was created out of shredded bank notes
These amazingly detailed portraits are made with thousands of pieces of shredded bank notes
American rapper Biggie Smalls, also known as The Notorious B.I.G, was another of celebrity picked by the American artist
Each portrait, including this one of Political satirist Stephen Colbert, took around a month to create
Obama's portrait is different from the rest of the collection, and instead of cash is made out of United States Lincoln head pennies
A close-up of the Barack Obama image shows the amazing detail of the portrait

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