Friday, February 25, 2011

Taiwan 100 Yuan 2011 Commemorative Banknote

On 6 January 2011, the Central Bank of the Republic of China issued a new 100-dollar legal tender circulating commemorative in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China(Taiwan). The red paper note measures 145 × 70 mm and features a portrait of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen on the front, and the Chung-Shan Building on the back. The design is no different from the ordinary NT$100 note, except for the wording in Chinese language in the reverse of the note, which reads: "Celebrating the 100 years of founding of the Republic of China."

Huang Xin and Staff Reporter
China Times
2011-02-13 17:54 (GMT+8)

The Price of commemorative Taiwan 100-dollar notes (pictured) were pushed up by China's banknote collectors.

Sets of an uncut NT$100 currency sheet issued by Taiwan's central bank in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China earlier this year are selling like hot cakes in China's market for collectible notes.

Each uncut commemorative NT$100 currency sheet, comprised of three commemorative NT$100 banknotes in one sheet with special consecutive serial numbers, was sold for 1,500 Chinese yuan(US$227.4), over 16 times its original price of NT$500 (US$17) per set by Taiwan's central bank, a Taiwanese collector of stamps, coins and banknotes said.

While price speculation is prevalent in a range of products in China, such as alcohol, jade and other daily necessities, currency notes have recently become another target of speculative activity, the collector said.

The uncut commemorative NT$100 currency sheet, the first of its kind issued by Taiwan, has triggered a high interest in being bought among Internet surfers since the news of the issuance was posted on a Chinese website providing information about banknotes, the collector noted.

He said that some Chinese collectors had asked their Taiwanese peers to purchase the uncut commemorative currency sheets on their behalf. However, as the central bank stipulates that individuals can only buy two sets of sheets, and local collectors are also keen to take possession of such sets, most of them have turned down the request.

Anticipating that the price of the notes would rise further, collectors on the two sides across the Taiwan Strait have been in a buying panic, regardless of how much they would pay for them.

Currently, a set of the uncut commemorative sheets is sold for 1,450-1,600 yuan on, China's biggest online shopping platform.

According to industry experts, given that a set of uncut Chinese currency sheets issued in 1999 in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China sells for nearly 30,000 yuan, about 200 times its original price of 150 yuan, collectors are optimistic that the price of Taiwanese centennial NT$100 notes would continue to rise.

Due to a weak performance in the stock market in China last year, more and more capital has flowed into the vast Chinese market for collectible notes and driven prices higher, the expert noted.

Currently, the price of the first set of yuan from the 1948 issue has jumped to 4 million yuan on the market. Meanwhile, a five-cent bill from the second issue is sold for 550 yuan and a two-cent bill from the third issue is sold for 700 yuan, both being 100 times their face value.

Moreover, a one-cent bill in claret red color and a one-cent note with a green background color from the third issue are sold for 3,800 yuan and 2,500 yuan, respectively.

Significantly, a one-cent green overprint banknote from the 1962 issue now demands 30,000 yuan, the highest among all bills in the face value.

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