Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gibraltar Issues New Banknote Series

Government of Gibraltar
July 8, 2010

New currency notes have been issued by the Gibraltar Government. There will be a £100 note for the first time.

The announcement was made July 8, 2010 by the chief minister of Gibraltar.

There are five currency notes in the series - £5, £10, £20, £50 and £100 note.

The currency notes will be released into circulation in two phases. The £10 and £50 notes were released today and the £5, £20 and £100 notes will follow in early 2011.

The front of each banknote shows the image of Queen Elizabeth II and coat of arms.
The reverse of each of the banknotes carries a vignette which shows an aspect of Gibraltar through the ages.

The oldest part of the Moorish Castle date back to the 11th century. The castle consisted of three wards rising from the area of what is today Casemates Square to the Tower of Homage, which was built in the 14th century. Even today it dominates the old City. The Upper Ward of the castle and the Tower of Homage are featured on the back.

The Great Siege of 1779-1783 was the 14th and last attempt to take Gibraltar by force, by means of a siege. The heroic defense of Gibraltar under General Eliott against the might of France and Spain resonated throughout Europe. The back depicts the valiant General in a scene depicting him directing the defence of Gibraltar.

Admiral Lord Nelson called at the port of Gibraltar on a number of occasions prior to the famous Battle of Trafalgar of 1805, fought close to Gibraltar, where he won a great victory but lost his life. The back shows the dismasted HMS Victory, the Admiral's flagship, being towed to Gibraltar after the battle, bearing the body of the dead Admiral.

Casemates Square originally formed part of the Lower Ward of the Moorish Castle. It was the heart of La Barcina, part of the 15th century Spanish city, at the confluence of the roads leading to the Land and Sea Gates to Gibraltar. The British built a large Barracks at this strategic point, Casemates Barracks, that gave the square its present name. It is now a gastronomic, shopping and leisure hub.

The King's Bastion stands at the centre of the medieval seawall that protected the old City. It was fortified by General Boyd (who is buried in the Bastion) in 1773 in time for it to play a key role in the defence of Gibraltar during the Great Siege. Gibraltar's first electricity generating plant was sited in the courtyard of the Bastion. The Generating Station was demolished to give way to today's leisure centre, a stunning innovative use for a historical military fortification.


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