Monday, February 22, 2010

Small Banknotes "Attack" Buddhist Statues

VietNamNet Bridge
February 22, 2010

The Mia pagoda is a famous Buddhist relic in Vietnam, located in Son Tay town, Hanoi.

Mia is called the second best pagoda in Vietnam for its top values of culture, art and architecture among Vietnamese pagodas. The Vietnam Record Book recognizes Mia as the pagoda with the highest number of statues in the country.

However, the pagoda is being “attacked” by “modern” townsmen. Many scholars have complained about “evils” at pagodas and temples, including the construction of new works, decorating coloured lamps and spilling small-value banknotes at these relics.

Tuoi Tre took the following photos at the Mia pagoda on February 16:

Arhat statues are overflowing with banknotes, but this couple still tries to add more. The girl is holding a wad of VND1000 banknotes to spill over into the pagoda.

While wonderful statues have to hold banknotes, the charity box at the door of the pagoda is not yet full.

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