Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Scottish £1 Goes for Record Price

BBC News
September 23, 2009

A Scottish banknote from 1836 has sold for a world record price at auction.

The £1 note sold for £9,000 ($US14,800) at the charity auction held by the Clydesdale Bank, beating the old record of £7,000 ($US11,500) set in 2001.

The note was issued by the North of Scotland Bank, which became part of Clydesdale Bank in 1951.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jamaica New $5000 Notes

Jamaica Information Service
September 19, 2009

The Bank of Jamaica says it will be issuing a high security $5,000 banknote on Thursday (September 24).

The note will be legal tender for all monetary transactions, and will complement the existing family of banknotes; namely $50, $100, $500 and $1,000.

The portrait of the late former Prime Minster of Jamaica, the Rt. Hon. Hugh Lawson Shearer, appears on the front of the note.

The reverse features blossoms of the Frangipani and an aerial view of Highway 2000.

In addition to the standard security features on the existing banknotes - magnetic thread and ink, iridescence, florescence and watermark- this high value banknote will have a special security feature known as OptiksT. This is a wide security thread which features the Jamaica coat of arms. When held up to the light, the complete thread with "BOJ $5000" will become visible.

The many features of the note are detailed in posters which will be displayed in prominent public places. The new note is dated January 15, 2009 and bears the signature of the Governor of the Bank, Derick Latibeaudiere.

The note will be available at the Bank of Jamaica and at all commercial banks as of next Thursday.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hong Kong Launched World's First $150 Banknotes

By Nutmegcollector
September 11, 2009

A bank Wednesday marked its 150th anniversary in Hong Kong by launching what it claimed to be the world's first 150-dollar bank notes.

Standard Chartered Plc, one of three note-issuing banks in the wealthy city of seven million, has printed 1 million of the 150-Hong-Kong-dollar notes, worth $19.35 each.

It invited people to apply for the new notes from Wednesday, offering them as collectors items with prices of 280 Hong Kong dollars each and up.

Some notes bearing what are considered lucky serial numbers, such as 888888, are to be auctioned in October with a minimum bid of 3,000 Hong Kong dollars per note.

Money from the sale of the notes is to go to local charities in what Standard Chartered has described as a "creative tribute" to the people of Hong Kong.

Standard Chartered began operations in Hong Kong in 1859, six years after it was founded, and is the oldest of the three note-issuing banks in the city. The other two are HSBC Holdings Plc and the Bank of China Ltd.