Thursday, February 26, 2009

New South Korea 50,000 Won Banknote

By Nutmegcollector

South Korea plans to released a new 50,000 Won note in May or June 2009. Worth only about US$35, this note, however, is 5 times more than current highest denomination, the 10,000 Won note featuring King Sejong.

Also, for the first time, a woman is featured on a South Korean banknote. The note features Shin Saim-dang (1504-1551), painter, author, and mother of the great philosopher Yul-gok, also known as Yi I (1536-1584).

The sizes of the Korean bank notes have recently been changed. They don't share the same dimensions anymore. Now, the higher the denomination, the bigger the size. The new 50,000 Won will be 6mm bigger than the 10,000 Won note.


budzo.O said...

It was nice this blog helped me with my lesson today.. :)

metabradley said...

this new bill is so beautiful.