Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Where Have All the Banknotes Gone

By Nutmegcollector

Where have all the banknotes gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the banknotes gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the banknotes gone?
Gone to shredders every one
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

Sang to the tune of the popular 1960s song Where Have All the Flowers Gone.

Worn out banknotes today are shredded, then either burned, used as landfills, recycled for use as building materials or even packaged and sold as novelty items.

The average banknote life span:

United States
$1 - 1 year 9 months
$5 - 1 year 4 months
$10 - 1 year 6 months
$20 - 2 years
$50 - 4 years 7 months
$100 - 7 years 5 months

Euro Zone
Ireland 5 Euro - 1 year
Germany 5 Euro - 3 years

$5 paper - 6 months
$5 polymer - 3 years 4 months

$5, $10 - 2 years
$20 - 5 years
$50 - 8 years
$100 - 10 years

Great Britain
5 Pounds - 1 year
50 Pounds - 5 years or more

1000 Yen - 2 years
10,000 Yen - 3-4 years

20 Kronor - 1 year
1,000 Kronor - over 5 years


Paper Money Collecting said...

Hi Tom,
I always enjoy your websites, my first visit to this blog. You are right, we live in a "lets dispose of everything" culture. Hopefully the generations after us will turn things around as the world becomes more aware of the enviroment and preservation.
Even the way things are made will ultimately have to be reveiwed and the way we use things too. One of the reasons the shelf life of a banknote is so short is because of bad usuage!
"When will we ever learn"

Fortress said...

Fortress Paper developed a new banknote substrate that increases the longevity of banknotes! It's called Durasafe, check out more information on it, and its offical launch at the blog http://www.globalpapersecurity.com

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