Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Braille Featured on New Bahrain Banknotes

Gulf Daily News
12 March 2008

MANAMA: The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) held a briefing yesterday to unveil a blind-recognition feature, which is included in the new Bahrain banknotes to be introduced soon.

"The new family of banknotes includes, for the first time, a special feature, which enables people with impaired vision to easily recognise new banknote," said CBB currency issue director Farid Zubari.

A series of short, raised lines, indicating the value of the note, appear at the top right on the front of each note.

The BD1/2 has one line; BD1 has two lines; BD5 has three lines; BD10 has four lines and BD20 has five lines.

The briefing, held at the Saudi-Bahraini Institute for the Blind (SBIB), also included the presentation of special brochure in Braille, which provides information about the new banknotes.

The brochure has been produced by the CBB, in conjunction with the SBIB.

The CBB presented 500 copies of the Braille brochure to SBIB board member Noora Mohammed Al Mannai and director Abdul Wahid Khayat.

Also present were CBB head of currency issue Abdulla Al Sulaiti and head of vault Fahd Al Arabi.

Students of SBIB, gathered at the briefing session, also got a chance to feel and touch the new banknotes, to familiarise them with the blind-recognition feature.

The CBB will begin releasing the new banknotes into circulation in the coming few weeks, at a date to be announced soon.

The existing currency will remain legal tender until further notice from the CBB.

The new banknotes and the existing banknotes will co-circulate for a period of time, to allow for all existing banknotes to be returned to the CBB in the normal course of business.

Each denomination of new banknotes has a new design, while some denominations have a new colour as well. All of the new notes incorporate enhanced security features.

The CBB has begun working with the financial services industry to ensure a smooth introduction of new Bahrain banknotes.

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