Monday, December 3, 2007

The World's Oldest Surviving Banknote

I started collecting paper money as a hobby about fifteen years ago. Here are a few facts about paper money that I found very interesting.

Do you know China was the first country to use paper money? Ancient paper money can be traced back to the Pai-Lu P'i-pi (white deer-skin money) of Han Dynasty (140 BC) and the Fei-Chien (flying money) of Tang Dynasty (618 AD).

However, the Ming Dynasty notes issued between 1368 and 1399 are the earliest surviving paper money, of which the 1 Kuan is the most common.

The note is about the size of a legal page. I wonder how people carry that around.

Updated January 26, 2011
Recently a Yuan Dynasty 2 Kuan note has surfaced at an auction which predated the Ming Dynasty 1 Kuan note by several decades. It was sold for Over $180,000

You can view my entire bank note collection at Tom Chao’s Paper Money Gallery


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